Powerful expense management software that's still easy to use.

ExpenseBot integrates with your staff's credit cards, calendar, email and mobile devices to learn their habits as they spend and automatically tracks, categorizes, and adds expenses to reports.

Pain Free Setup

Set up in days, not weeks. Add your expense categories and limits, customize your approval process, invite your team and you are set!

Powerful Processing

A suite of convenient accounting features: bulk approve reports, process directly from your email
 and set spending an requirement policies.

Unmatched Support

Get near real-time response to all product inquiries to ensure you have the most pain-free experience
 with expense tracking and reporting.

Let your team focus on more important things, like their jobs.

Your staff's time is valuable. Why should they spend it on expense reports? ExpenseBot is here
 to help them save time and eliminate the frustration of organizing and submitting expense reports.

ExpenseBot works everywhere you do.

ExpenseBot supports businesses all over the world, integrates with 20,000+ banks worldwide, and automatically
 handles currency conversions so you don’t have to.