How it Works.



We automatically collect your credit card transactions so you can capture receipts on the go with our mobile app.



We'll read your receipts, match them to credit card charges, and identify what's reimbursable.



We then create a smart expense report for you automatically, letting you just review and submit!



If you’re a Manager, you can review and approve on the go, or right from your email.



And, huzzah! Reimburse and process expense reports before sending them to your accounting system.

Automated Expense Reports

Reports created automagically.

ExpenseBot integrates with your credit card, calendar, email and mobile device to learn your habits as you spend and automatically track, categorize and add expenses to your report.

Make your accounting team cry tears of joy.

No one loves processing expense reports—we get it. Your time is valuable; ExpenseBot is here to make your life easier.

Pain Free Set-up

Set-up in 15 minutes flat. Add your expense categories and limits, customize your approval process, invite your team and you are off to the races!

Powerful Processing

A suite of convenient accounting features will make you do a happy dance: bulk approve reports, process directly from your email and get automatic alerts for policy violations.

Seamless Integration

ExpenseBot integrates with your accounting system, allowing you to cut time spent on data entry and easily export the data you need.

Private and Secure Expense Reporting

Safe and Secure.

You can rest easy knowing that ExpenseBot is highly secure, utilizing the latest technology and vetted by reputable third parties, such as Intuit.

Expense with ease.

Your team is wasting more than an hour on every expense report. Save that time and make everyone happier with ExpenseBot’s automated expense reporting.

Automated Reporting

ExpenseBot automatically tracks your expenses and drafts your reports for you.

Mobile Access

Expense with ease anytime, anywhere with ExpenseBot's mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Easy to Use

ExpenseBot has all the features you need in an intuitive, user-friendly environment.

Learns From You

ExpenseBot's technology learns from your spending and expensing habits. The more you use it, the smarter it gets!

High-Fives! We’re
here to help.

Our focus is on making your life easier every step of the way. Your accounting team will spend up to 80% less time on expense reports. From implementation to troubleshooting, our friendly and reliable support team is here to help!

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